Campaign Update

When Lindsey Graham starts to attack Jaime Harrison, South Carolina voters need to know:

After 25 years in Washington, Lindsey Graham just isn’t who he used to be. Voters who supported Lindsey Graham in the past need permission to move on from him. 

25 years in Washington have changed Lindsey Graham. Now, he’ll do anything to win petty Washington games, but he delivers nothing for South Carolina. Instead of using his influence in the Senate to fight for South Carolina, Lindsey Graham is using his influence to support policies that reward the greedy and powerful at the expense of hard-working people:

  • He made sure wealthy Wall Street corporations got billions in bailouts, while South Carolina is dead last in the country in getting small business loans during the COVID crisis.
  • Despite 600,000 South Carolinians being out of work, he fought against unemployment relief to workers during the COVID crisis and is currently fighting to cut unemployment relief by hundreds of dollars for tens of thousands of South Carolinians. 

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Last Updated: June 26, 2020