Growing the Middle Class

Jaime’s mother was a teenager when he was born and she worked her hardest to provide the best possible life for him. Once, desperate for a job and without a network who could help her, she resorted to contacting South Carolina’s Senators, Fritz Hollings and Strom Thurmond, who helped her find work at a local factory. The aid of these leaders, who understood their role in serving their constituents, may have literally saved Jaime’s family.

Like Jaime’s family, too many South Carolinians are in financial desperation and the middle class feels completely out of reach. America was built on jobs that pay a living wage to support a family and benefits that keep them healthy. As Senator, Jaime will fight to ensure that there’s economic opportunity for folks like his mom, who are willing to work hard. Jaime will also work to expand tax benefits such as expanded childcare tax credit to support middle-class families.