Standing Up For Veterans

With six military bases and 37,507 active service members in South Carolina, Jaime grew up rooted in the knowledge that military service was a sacred assignment and that we must never break our promise to take care of those who have served our nation. He knows that our heroes make sacrifices for our country, and their service can often take a toll on their minds and bodies in a way that many civilians don’t understand. Even veterans with otherwise smooth departures from military service often find it difficult to reenter civilian life. One third of veterans end up taking jobs that are below their skill level, and 44 percent leave their first post-military jobs within a year. With this in mind, Jaime knows we must do everything we can to support our men and women in uniform.

As a Senator, Jaime will hold the VA accountable to reduce wait times and improve the quality of care available to veterans. He’ll also increase access to mental health resources to treat PTSD and address the epidemic of veteran suicides. He will make sure veterans have access to job readiness programs that help navigate civilian life. And Jaime will fight for military base housing for those fighting for our country and their families. Jaime believes no veteran should struggle alone after serving their nation.