Protect Our Seniors

Neither of Jaime’s grandparents made it to high school. But they worked hard, and instilled in him the values that shape his character today. When Jaime was young, they lost their home and nearly everything else to a scam artist. Jaime vowed that one day he would purchase them a house so that they never had to worry again. Jaime kept that promise as soon as he graduated from law school.

While Lindsey Graham says Medicare and Social Security are “promises we can’t keep,” Jaime understands that Medicare and Social Security are vital commitments that American seniors depend on. He will work every day to keep those commitments. That means standing up to politicians who want to privatize these vital programs or enact devastating cuts. Jaime will also work to shore up Social Security for future generations, but he will firmly oppose proposals to raise the retirement age or decrease benefits.

Jaime will lead the efforts to lower the price of prescription drugs for seniors and increase benefits for low-income seniors who lose their spouses. He also knows that Medicare does not cover most seniors’ health care expenses, so he is committed to fighting for added coverage for vision and hearing.