Work to End Poverty

Jaime rose up from poverty thanks to teachers and mentors who helped guide him to, and through, college. But he knows that his story is uncommon. For so many hard-working Americans, the American Dream is just that—a dream. Jaime understands that struggling families simply want a fair shot. That is why he will fight for an economy that gives every American family the hope for a better tomorrow, no matter their situation today. 

Jaime taught at his old high school, and has dedicated his life to creating opportunity for others. Jaime knows there is no quick fix to poverty, and he knows what it’s like for families to get caught in the middle of political games. He’ll champion policies aimed at making the American Dream a reality, including better jobs, better schools, clean air and water, child care, affordable housing, and a strong social safety net for those who need help getting back on their feet. He will also fight to increase the earned income tax credit, a proven way to help struggling families.

In addition to this systemic fight to make an economy that works for working people, Jaime will tackle the root causes and consequences of poverty. He will increase funding for affordable housing and push back against bureaucratic zoning laws. He will advocate for good schools in every school district by boosting support for underfunded schools, retooling the teaching pipeline, and closing the digital divide. He will fight to expand Medicaid and work to ensure that healthcare is affordable and accessible for all. He will tackle food insecurity by eliminating food deserts, and ensuring resources for a new generation of produce farmers.