Grow the Middle Class

Jaime’s mother was a teenager when he was born, and she worked her hardest to provide the best possible life for him. When she was out of work and had few options, she contacted South Carolina’s Senators, Fritz Hollings and Strom Thurmond. Even though she did not know either Senator, and had no political connections to serve their interests, they helped her find work at a local factory. These leaders understood that their role was to serve all of their constituents, regardless of party.

As Senator, Jaime will serve the many South Carolinians who face struggles like the ones his own family faced. He will work to build an economy where the American Dream is a reality, and the middle class feels within reach. Every American deserves the opportunity to earn a living wage and keep their family healthy. As Senator, Jaime will fight to ensure that there’s economic opportunity for folks like his mom, who are willing to work.

As the COVID-19 pandemic bears down on South Carolina and the nation, we have an opportunity—and a responsibility—to reimagine our economy so that it rewards hard work and gives every family a fighting chance. Jaime’s agenda will spur growth, raise wages, and create jobs by investing in the American middle class. He supports expanding skill-training and apprenticeship opportunities, incentivizing innovation and small business creation across the state, and offering tax breaks to middle and working class families. He plans to raise the necessary revenues by repealing the 2017 tax cuts to big corporations and the ultra-wealthy.