Invest in Infrastructure

Years ago, when Jaime was campaigning in rural South Carolina, he knocked on the door of a man completely disenchanted with politics. He lived on a dirt road, and he had been waiting for that road to be paved through five administrations. He was tired of waiting and had completely lost faith that his government would help him. For decades, his government had failed him.

Jaime will push for aggressive investments in our infrastructure to ensure that the government addresses the problems Americans deal with everyday. He believes that universal access to affordable broadband must be a cornerstone of an economy built for the next generation of workers. He will fight to modernize the state’s sanitation systems and end the lead crisis that is poisoning our children’s water sources. And he will upgrade the state’s roads and bridges so that they meet the highest standards of safety and encourage commercial activity.

Across South Carolina, hundreds of miles of roads are crumbling, bridges need urgent repairs, high-speed broadband internet skips over our rural areas, and sea-level rise threatens our sea ports. Failure to invest in infrastructure harms our quality of life and raises the cost of doing business. Addressing these shortfalls will save South Carolina residents money, enable local companies to thrive, and grow our economy.