Fight for Criminal Justice Reform

The American criminal justice system is in dire need of reform. Too many non-violent offenders have been locked up for decades because of unfair sentencing laws. Jaime understands the ways that the law has been used to disproportionately target communities. As Senator, Jaime will fight for a justice system that stands for real justice. And he will work to counteract the built-in biases of the criminal justice system.

Previous generations witnessed the tragedy of Emmett Till and today we have lived through the tragic and heartbreaking stories of so many others. Too many families, including Jaime‚Äôs own, have been devastated by violence, long prison sentences, and generally a lack of opportunity. 

Jaime understands racial profiling, bias, injustice and over-policing have plagued our communities for generations. He believes we must end qualified immunity, private prisons and the cash bail system.  In addition, Jaime believes we must work together to build safer communities, bring jobs back to our neighborhoods, invest in our schools and rebuild broken families devastated by unjust policies and practices like racial profiling.