Defend Our Democracy and Stop Corruption

Jaime’s passion for public service came at an early age when he learned that good citizens make good communities. Growing up, he made a point to learn all he could about government, and he credits his success in life to that foundation. 

But today, public confidence in our institutions is low. Politicians have replaced the respected leaders who used to run our country. Government corruption and fraud have undermined public trust. Gerrymandering gives elected officials the power to pick their voters. And campaign finance regulations have created an environment where dark money and corporate donors get an outsized say in politics. Jaime will fight to make our democracy fairer, by undoing the damage wrought by the disastrous Citizens United decision and ensuring that politicians do not receive personal profits from public office.

Jaime has a deep appreciation for the enduring struggle that helped our nation become a more perfect union. As Senator, he will fight to preserve our fundamental rights—not because they are in his political interests, but because it is the necessary thing to do to protect our values. And Jaime knows the best way to restore confidence in our government is to instill a love of country and community in our young people.