Host an Event

In order to win this race, we need folks from all across the state talking to their friends and family about Jaime. Even though we can’t host events in-person right now, we can still reach out to folks remotely! Keep reading for more info on how you can host your very own virtual community event for the campaign.

Getting Started

Right now, we’re mainly focusing on volunteer hosted community events that are centered on promoting the campaign and our message! This means that you will be the one creating the event in Mobilize, planning it, promoting it, and hosting it when the time comes. Within the category of community events, however, there’s lots of room for creativity. Here are just a couple of types of community events you can host:

  • Community Meetings – This is the most general type of community event, and typically involves you getting folks together to talk about Jaime, or you might be introducing your friends and family to him!
  • Themed Meetings – This is a great way to bring together people who are interested in a certain issue or area. For example, a Teachers for Jaime meeting.
  • Watch Parties – Host a watch party the next time we have a virtual town hall, rally, or other event! You could also use the time to watch a film or documentary about an issue you care about.
  • Discussion Nights – Host a discussion night to talk about an issue important to you, or start a recurring book club with other Jaime supporters.


Once you have an idea of what you want to host, you can create your event in Mobilize. MobilizeAmerica is the platform that we use to host all of our campaign events; it allows you to easily create an event, manage it, and keep track of attendees. Go to the event creation form to get started.

Now you’ll be able to actually create your event. Start by choosing a name and then filling in the description of what your event is. The image will be pre-selected by the campaign. Following that, make sure your event is set on “virtual”, enter the date & time, and add in your private event details (information that only registered guests will be able to see, e.g. a Zoom link). Finally, choose the appropriate accessibility level, decide whether your event will be public or private, and fill in your information as the event host.

After you submit this form, your event will need to be approved by the campaign, and then you can start promoting it! You’ll have a unique event link associated with your event that you can send around to anyone you want to RSVP. If your event is public, it will be displayed on our public Mobilize page as well. If it’s private, you’ll be responsible for all the promotion. You can access your Mobilize dashboard here after your event has been approved, which is where you can edit the event and manage & communicate with your attendees.


Before you host your event, make sure that you’ve planned it all out, whether that looks like an agenda, a list of questions, or just some ideas for how you want the event to flow. Additionally, test out all of the technical aspects before-hand to make sure they’re all working.

During the event, take some screenshots or pictures to share on social media afterwards! You can also make a note of everyone that’s attended so you can follow up with them later.

After the event, follow up with folks to make sure they follow through with any action items or commitments they made during the event, and share any anecdotes or pictures you took during!

Additional Resources

Check out our Host Toolkit for more detailed information on the hosting process, including a sample agenda, a host checklist, and a personal story activity that you can use during your event. You can also sign up for an event host training here.

Thanks so much for hosting an event with us! If you have any questions, please email [email protected].