Jaime knows first-hand how hard it can be to access medical care when you’re from a poor, rural community. His grandfather worked his whole life, tirelessly grading and paving roads across South Carolina. Despite the backbreaking work, his grandfather couldn’t afford to visit the doctor until he was incapacitated. When he was finally able to see a doctor, he learned he suffered from undiagnosed diabetes, which had gone unchecked for years, and resulted in his losing a leg.

Access to quality, affordable, healthcare is personal for Jaime. He knows from experience there are thousands in South Carolina who face impossible choices between putting food on the table, keeping the lights on, and paying the mortgage or taking themselves or their kids to the doctor. Jaime will work tirelessly to make sure families don’t have to make those types of decisions. That means lowering the cost of healthcare for those who already pay too much, extending healthcare to those who cannot afford it to begin with, making sure the health care all South Carolinians get is high quality and covers all services the services they actually need, lowering prescription drug prices, protecting people with pre-existing conditions, and stopping the closure of rural hospitals.