Harrison Helps

Growing up, Jaime’s family often struggled to pay the bills. He has vivid memories of having the lights turned off and searching for change to put gas in the family car. 

Jaime understands that for working people, barriers exist to achieving the American Dream. He started Harrison Helps to knock down some of those barriers and create opportunity for all South Carolinians.

Too many politicians are all talk and no action. Jaime believes that public service should be the first priority of elected officials. Harrison Helps brings together all members of the community to set aside politics, embrace the best ideals of public service, and work to improve our state on the local level.

People are South Carolina’s greatest resource. We need to do all we can to help every South Carolinian succeed.

Jaime welcomes volunteers to join him and his team at service projects around South Carolina. The goal is to inspire a movement of service that demonstrates our common beliefs through our deeds.